Smut Makers has been making Smut since 2004.
How about a shopping cart style store where you can pick what scenes you want, when you want it? Seems cool, so here we are. This is where you can get access to the special scenes and series that we made outside the members archive. We also want to make remastered shoots from the members archive with additional content and/or upgraded quality available here for guests who just want to see that model or that group of scenes.

We will continue to release these series here as we remaster them or shoot them.

When you buy products they’ll show up on your “My Account” page under the “Downloads” tab. You’ll be able to download each one 3 times to support different devices and downloads you buy will stay active for 3 days. Your account login will stay the same, so when you come back it will be easy to check out.

We think you will be very very very happy with this new situation. Thanks for stopping by! Follow Smut Makers on Twitter @smutmakers for updates and previews.